Classic Limo Rental in Mobile

Classic Limo Rental in Mobile

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When you think of driving up to your event, party or wedding, are you behind the wheel, or are you in the back seat of a limo? Arrive to an event and step out of a sleek, long, black limo. That in itself tells the world that you have arrived. Let Mobile Limousine Service's classic limo reservations in Mobile find the best rates and the most stylish vehicle for your night on the town.

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The Limousine

If you think that there is not a limo style that will fit with your personal taste, you may want to consider the amazing amount of options available in the Mobile area. With Mobile Limousine Service as your guide, you not get the car you desire but we will ensure a white glove service that our customers have come to expect from us.

The history of the limousine actually dates back to medieval times when royalty and nobility would ride in elegant horse drawn carriages. This romantic and chivalrous time inspired car makers in the early 1900s to provide the same type of service. With the rise of the vehicle, so to came the rise of the limousine as the number one choice for chauffeured rides. It all started with in 1902 with a vehicle that was built with a separate compartment for the driver and occupants. The driver would sit outside in an open area while the passengers would ride in comfort and protection in the back covered compartment, just like royalty.

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 Classic Limousine

The Classic Limo

Sometimes there is nothing better than tradition. When you show up in a classically styled limo it lets the world know someone important has arrived. This is a great for political and business events to provide that traditional feel.

If you need a classic limo in the , Alabama area, call Mobile Limousine Service. With spaces for up to 14 passengers, your next ride could be a party in itself. Whether you need a ride for a wedding, night on the town, romantic date, an anniversary celebration or to treat a person close to you, Mobile Limousine Service can be your guide in choosing just the right vehicle.