Hummer Limo Rental in Mobile

Hummer Limo Rental in Mobile

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It says something when you arrive in a massive stretch Hummer limousine. Of course it points to opulence and the rugged nature that we love to embrace, but what most people do not realize is the amazing elegance this vehicle can offer to its passengers, simply because of its size. In this case size makes a big difference.

Hummer Limousine in Mobile

The Hummer Advantage

If you are not sure why you should consider the Hummer limousine for your next big outing, event or party, read on. This massive vehicle shouts "look at me, I am the star attraction." Whether you want to draw attention to your arrival or simply want the amazing extra amenities this limo can offer, you get both with a Hummer limo.

A Hummer limousine can seat up to 23 passengers, making it the best choice for large parties of guests that want to travel together. With large bench seating, plush carpeting and multiple large flat screen TVs, you will be whisked away in amazing comfort and luxury. Extended drink stations with overlarge ice bins let you be sure all your drinks will stay cold. To top it off, these party palaces come with amazing sound systems to get you pumped before the big party or club.

Of course it does not all have to be about a party. If you have a large bridal party and still want the magical moments to be experienced by everyone, bring them all along on this super extended limo.

Many have raised roofs that also allow extra head room and some even have a gullwing doors to allow easy access.

When you want to make a statement or provide an amazing experience for 20 passengers or more, Mobile Limousine Service is ready to help. Rent a limousine online in Mobile by calling 1-850-972-2092 today!
Mobile Hummer Limousine Service

Events that Need it

If you wonder, 'when will I ever need a limo that big'; then you have not considered all the possible options. Of course there are the standard events like weddings and bachelor or bachelorette parties, but what about an amazing graduation celebration for your entire graduating class?

Consider the Hummer for business events where you want the guest of honor and their entourage to feel truly appreciated. Or a reward for your employees, like a sales team that reached a momentous goal. Take the top sellers of your fundraiser out to lunch in this amazing vehicle as a great thank you. The options are endless. Mobile Limousine Service is ready to provide for your Hummer limousine reservation in Mobile.